Work with Me

Interested in working with The Grain-Free Kitchen? These are the services I offer:

Recipe Development: I’m passionate about recipe development, and I’d love to work with you to develop unique and delicious recipes for your brand or product. Each recipe is accompanied by photographs and can either be posted on this site or another platform.

Sponsored Posts: I do accept sponsored posts for content that is relevant to The Grain-Free Kitchen.

Sponsored Product Reviews: Do you have a product that you think my readers would be interested in? I’d be happy to give my honest review and share it with my growing following.

Brand/Product Ambassador: I love working with like-minded brands and developing long-lasting working relationships. If you think your brand, product and/or service is a good fit for The Grain-Free Kitchen, I’d be happy to represent you through blog posts, social media outreach, ad spaces and more.

Giveaways and Product Reviews:  If you have a product or service that you feel would connect with my readers, please contact me. I would love to discuss hosting a review and/or giveaway on the site.  (All giveaways are also promoted heavily over social media and email newsletters.)  Please contact me for more information about giveaway and review partnership opportunities and policies.

All Other Enquiries: Have an idea that’s not listed here? Email me your thoughts,  I’m all ears.


I will always disclose to my readers the nature of partnerships with brands.  Readers have access to a full disclosure policy found on The Grain-Free Kitchen.  I will also include a small disclaimer at the end of any post which is written on behalf of a company or partner, per FTC guidelines.  I will disclose to readers if money or product was exchanged for the post. Honesty and transparency are huge priorities as I work with brands, and my readers know that compensation will never “buy” a positive review. That said, I love the opportunity to promote brands, products and services that are a good fit!

Please fill out the contact form below or email me at to discuss any of these options. Please keep in mind that I will only endorse products and brands that I believe in and feel are in line with the visions of this site.