Meet Lynette Fitzgerald

Well, now that you’ve found my happy little corner of the internet known as The Grain-Free Kitchen, let me introduce myself. I’m Lynette Fitzgerald, Head Cook, Editor and Dishwasher at The Grain-Free Kitchen and I’m excited to share with you recipes and adventures of our paleo lifestyle.

Lynette Fitzgerald in The Grain-Free Kitchen

I love to eat. Seriously, I luh-huh-huh-huv to eat! Which makes it a good thing that I love to cook! If you and I have ever shared a good meal together you’ve probably witnessed my paleo food happy dance. It ain’t pretty, but it’ll make you smile.

Making the Paleo Lifestyle Sustainable

We are a paleo-ish home. I say “-ish” because I vacillate between using half and half or an almond milk/coconut cream concoction in my coffee. My husband’s weakness is cheese (although he won’t admit it), so there you have it… paleo-ish. Other than those minor details (hmmm…should I mention alcohol here?), we’ve adopted the paleo lifestyle. We avoid grains, gluten, legumes, refined sugars, processed foods, refined vegetable oils, added hormones, antibotics, chemicals and pesticides.

Give Yourself Grace

Ah…but, I’ll be the first to admit that I am perfectly imperfect. I have been known to devour a bag of chips (albeit, the kind I considered “healthier” than most because they’re cooked in olive oil or avocado oil) while plopped on the couch watching my latest weakness “This is Us”. Every once in a while I’ll indulge in one of my Daddy’s favorites, which has become a favorite of my husband, an Apple Fritter and I’ll totally blame it on nostalgia. I told you up front, I’m imperfect! Don’t judge me. But do read about my food philosophy and the health reasons behind why we changed to a paleo-ish, grain-free, clean eating lifestyle and the benefits thus far.

Keeping it Simple

I get excited when I’m telling people about how I eat and live now. Seriously excited. So I started this blogging adventure to share with others how to get started, how to keep it easy and how to make it a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet. The recipes you’ll find here will be either be my own original creations or recipes of my favorite food bloggers – to which I will give credit to in the post. I try and keep my recipes easy…perfect for the busy person who struggles with the “What’s for Dinner” question. I plan in leftovers…which are perfect in creating another meal in little time. Every once in awhile, you’ll find one of my recipes steps out of the ‘easy’ box, but, trust me…it’ll be worth it.

Food Heals Every Body

I believe anyone following a healthy eating lifestyle that focuses on clean-eating, organic fruits, vegetables and meats, nuts and seeds and limited natural sugars can find something that tickles their tummy here. Every body (and everybody) is different with different health goals and health challenges, but every body (and everybody) can benefit from eating foods that heal rather than harms your body. Yes, I truly do believe Food Heals Every Body. Pick and choose recipes based on your dietary needs…and please, please, please don’t come at me with “that’s not paleo”. Not everything is black and white, choose your shades of gray.

Just like Food, Recipes Should be Shared!

If I’ve still got your attention (woohoo!!) let me mention that both Mark and I are budding, amateur, learning-as-we-go photographers/videographers. All food photos on this website are our originals. I would love for you to share them on social media, but ask you to link back to my site. If you totally love one of my recipes and want to share it on your own fabulous website, please re-write the instructions and headnotes in your own individualized words – please do not cut and paste or copy mine. Also, please provide a working link back to my recipe on  Google has a habit of penalizing sites when they see duplicate content. Ouch. And right now…I need all the readers I can get!!

Lynette Fitzgerald We Dance in this Kitchen
From my “Signs of Life” Wall

This is a continual learning experience for me and my goal is to make this a dialogue rather than a monologue. I invite  and welcome your constructive comments and engagement!!

The Grain-Free Kitchen is a happy and positive place. When I’m the kitchen, I’ve got music turned up and we dance in this kitchen. No, literally…we dance in this kitchen. It is my happy place and I hope to make it yours.

Happy Grain-Free Cooking!!