Burton's Grill Paleo Burger - The Grain-Free Kitchen - Lynette Fitzgerald

Burton’s Grill – And Their Paleo Menu

I have found that one of the hardest things about being Paleo and or Grain-Free is that eating out can become a chore. You almost have to check your dietary preferences at the door along with your coat and just dive in knowing you’re not going to get what you want.

Until now. Enter, Burton’s Grill & Bar, one of my favorite places to grab me some paleo (paleo-ish) grub.


Someone in my building told me about Burton’s Grill and he emphasized they had “Paleo stuff”. Now…when someone tells me that, I normally just politely nod and smile, thinking to myself they probably have no idea what “paleo stuff” is or that it means…the restaurant serves meat. Yep.

But…I had to try it out. Of course I did. Because…what if…

So, before being seated, the host asks…anyone in your party need a gluten sensitive menu? Whaaat??? Yep, they ask you right up front. But…gluten-sensitive is different from Paleo, but I take the special menu anyway. As should you. Then…when you’re comfortably sitting at your table, flip to the last section of that menu and like a ray of sunshine peaking through the clouds on a rainy day, there it is…The Paleo Menu. There. Is. A. God!

Burton's Grill Paleo Menu - The Grain-Free Kitchen
Taken from Burton’s Grill Website, without permission, but I hope they don’t mind.

I love that they explain what the Paleo Diet is. I would say this menu is Paleo-ish for several reasons, but…it’s a good start. Now…let’s move on to my burger!

Burton's Grill Paleo Burger - The Grain-Free Kitchen - Lynette Fitzgerald

I cannot contain my giddiness when it arrives. The presentation alone had me snapping pictures like I was Annie Leibovitz on steroids. My perfectly cooked (medium well for me) burger was nestled into a crispy wedge of iceberg lettuce and topped with sauteed mushrooms and two beautiful strips of bacon. Double Umami!!! True to Paleo style, no fries on this plate. Instead, brussel sprouts with just the right amount of charring, and sliced avocado atop a thick ripe tomato slice. It is as good as it looks. Truth be told, these brussel sprouts turned me back on to brussel sprouts, which I haven’t eaten in years.

Now…for those of you that are paleo-ish (yeah, I’m talking to me) and like to have a drink every now and again (talking to me again)…let me introduce you to Martini Mondays at Burton’s Grill. All day. $5 martinis. They have a special menu with several types of martinis and…um…yeah…they’re good. Or so I hear…yeah…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Burton's Grill Martini Monday - The Grain-Free Kitchen - Lynette Fitzgerald

I would love to hear from anyone that has found other restaurants that are paleo or paleo-ish or grain-free! Leave me a comment below!


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