Disclosure Policy

So, in keeping with recent FTC rules about bloggers and just in case I actually do make money, I offer my very simple disclosure policy.

  • I will disclose to my readers the nature of any partnerships with brands.
  • Any item that I review, I will disclose to my readers that said item was provided free of charge. If I receive an item that I do not like or would not use, I will not post about it. That’s a throwback from my Mama and Daddy…if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Therefore, receiving an item free of charge does not guarantee I will post about it.
  • If I link a product/ingredient, most likely they are an affiliate (i.e. Amazon) and I receive a very small percentage if you follow the link and purchase.

Now that I think I’ve covered the legalese, I’m going back to my happy place…my kitchen!!